Interim Plan to Establish a Temporary Equilibrium

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing great disruption in all our lives. For many, already finding themselves in the confusion of life transitions, the global health crisis and the concurrent economic uncertainty produce an extra weight, impacting the ability to make long-term decisions. The mediation process with David Louis can help you create an interim plan for handling questions about where you will live, expenses and financial support, and shared care for your children. Make agreements, gain clarity and understanding for the short-term, and establish a temporary equilibrium as your transition progresses.

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David’s Blog

Getting Ready

New clients often ask me what they need to do to prepare for the mediation process. There are two parts to the answer: Be ready to discuss content Be ready for productive dialogue Preparing to make important decisionsAs a mediator, I want you to have as much...

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House Challenges Part 1

In many divorces, the family home may be the most valuable asset. Unlike other financial assets, there is no practical way to divide a house! In almost every mediation case, the choices are limited to these possibilities:• You will keep the house.• Your soon-to-be ex...

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Deciding Now Makes the Path Clear for Later

On many levels, there is much to decide when you are ending your marriage. In broad terms, you need to come to agreement on the parenting arrangements for your children and on creating a financial settlement that you both find acceptable—relating to the division of...

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Staying In Focus

The divorce mediation process offers you a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with your spouse. As a neutral third party, I am there to assist you, so that, together, we can develop a plan for your separate futures. As your mediator, I provide you...

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Paying for Childcare

One of the many challenges faced in households, whether one-parent or two-parent, is managing the cost of childcare. Fortune magazine reported earlier this year that, during the pandemic, average daycare costs have increased by 41 percent, which is far above the...

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Embracing Change in Your Parenting Process

On many levels, divorce is a transition. One day you are living with someone you once thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, and the next day that person is living elsewhere. One or both of you were working to pay the bills and save for the future, but that...

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Why Listening Can Be So Hard

In our best version of ourselves, we can be not only self-aware, but also prepared to listen carefully in a non-judgmental way to what others are saying. In conflict situations, however, it’s a significant challenge to be at our best and be open to what others are...

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