Interim Plan to Establish a Temporary Equilibrium

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing great disruption in all our lives. For many, already finding themselves in the confusion of life transitions, the global health crisis and the concurrent economic uncertainty produce an extra weight, impacting the ability to make long-term decisions. The mediation process with David Louis can help you create an interim plan for handling questions about where you will live, expenses and financial support, and shared care for your children. Make agreements, gain clarity and understanding for the short-term, and establish a temporary equilibrium as your transition progresses.

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The last weeks of the year—Thanksgiving and the winter holidays—often bring to mind the concept of gratitude—appreciation for positive experiences, thankfulness for growth in understanding, and gratefulness for the enrichment of new opportunities. This concept of...

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Telling Children about the Divorce

For parents who have decided to separate and divorce, the prospect of breaking this news to the children can be overwhelming—even paralyzing. This topic will often arise in mediation when parents are still living together and would prefer to resolve matters involving...

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Pillars of Trust

In any successful relationship, trust is the foundation. When you can trust someone, you are more likely to be open and more willingly vulnerable in that person’s presence. In many broken marriages, the trust between spouses has diminished—a little or even to the...

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It’s okay to say, “I don’t know.”

An article I recently read by Stephanie Vozza was entitled, “’I don’t know’ can be the smartest answer.” This caught my eye because I have often used a similar saying, namely, “The most important thing that you can know is what you don’t know.” Stephanie’s article...

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Contributions Matter

Each marriage has its own uniqueness, involving two individuals with their own unique identify and style. In past generations, there have typically been assigned roles, like working father and stay-at-home mother, but this division of labor has changed significantly...

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Moving from “Me” to “We”

The decision to end a marriage is rarely made by both spouses at the same moment. Usually one of you, after much consideration, and possibly after efforts have been made to “save” the marriage, declares to yourself (and maybe to the other), “I am done.” If you are the...

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Turning the End Into the Beginning

With the ending of a year, a new one is beginning. In one’s work life, a job ends and hopefully a new one begins. In my own life, over the last 13 years, I’ve seen the years change, my career change (from public finance and local government service to mediation), and...

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The Mediator’s Role: Helping you resolve the problem

In a dialogue with a colleague recently, we were discussing a problem encountered by a client and how to address problem solving in mediation. It seems that, to some, it’s important to know what a court would do, and perhaps that’s how the professional would steer...

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A life Well-Lived

As I write this, I am returning from the funeral services for my father-in-law, Robert. Bob lived to the age of 96 and enjoyed mostly good health for all of his life. I first met Bob when I was dating his daughter (my wife, Diane) in 1984. While he did not know me, I...

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