From Darkness to Light

Feb 15, 2020

The start of winter is defined by more darkness than light. So can be the emotional weather of those experiencing separation and divorce. Like the proverbial winter, sadness, uncertainty, fear and anger represent the dark emotions.

Yet as the New Year turns the corner to the end of January, we notice the light of each day is with us a little bit longer. The brightness of morning comes earlier, and nighttime is later.

In the same way, the transition through separation and divorce can be a light to a new chapter in life. The challenge of sadness can be the light that transforms into the opportunity for freedom from a marriage that did not work at its core.

Mediation as a process is the chance for planning to overcome uncertainty and assist both spouses to define future realities. Each decision made by a couple is a building block in their new separate roads, while maintaining connections that may be defined, such as parenting. While some spouses see the end of a marriage as the end of a personal relationship, others strive to remain connected personally, even beyond a lifetime parental relationship.

In the mediation process, the possibilities are defined by the two spouses who are deciding their futures with the help of a neutral who offers a safe and respectful space for exploration and planning.

Just as each day of winter is taking us to the light and promise of spring, my desire is to bring more light and hope to clients who are seeking to come out of darkness. This happens one conversation at a time, one decision at a time.